Washing MachineStreamLine TM 9070

StreamLine TM 9070 is a reliable machine that combines optimal washing results with ergonomics, efficiency and a low noise level characterized by accuracy, precision and quality.

Article number: 100214

Product information

Smart features and award-winning design

The exterior is award-winning for its premium design. On the inside you will find the world's first 3D washing system. The 3D drum has six unique lifters with a soft and a hard side. The textiles are treated gently or vigorously depending on the chosen washing program. The lifters also spray water over the laundry continuously. The result is a gentler, more effective washing process, in less time. In combination with WED, water and energy consumption will be lower.

Low noise level

One of the many advantages of the StreamLine series is the sound level, which even at a high spin speed of 1600 rpm is very low, only 63 dB.

Smart washing programs

TM 9070 comes with 15 different washing programs. There are programs specially developed for hypoallergenic needs and you can choose express laundry for all normal programs. A weight sensor provides dosing advice and adapts the washing programs to the laundry.

Saves energy

TM 9070 has the lowest residual moisture on the market. The textiles have only 43% moisture left after washing. The advantage is that the subsequent drying time is significantly shorter when the garments have low residual moisture.

PODAB Washing Machine - Red Dot Award

World's first 3D washing system

3D drum

3D drum with six unique rolls, with a soft and a hard side. The laundry moves in three directions for the best washing results.

Sprinkler system

The 3D rollers spray water over the textiles continuously and soak the laundry quickly, resulting in cleaner laundry in less time.

Hole pattern

The drum has a specially adapted hole pattern with perforations that provide a very gentle wash.

PODAB Booklet 2022

We provide our customers with washers, tumble dryers, drying cabinets and accessories to customize your specific washing and drying needs. PODAB is constantly evolving to provide its customers with an environmentally friendly, high quality, carefree laundry solution.

In our 2022 Booklet, you will find detailed information about our products, accessories and their technical specifications.

Technical specifications



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