Washing MachineProLine TMX 65

ProLine TMX 65 is a high-quality professional washing machine. It is one of our most reliable and powerful washing machines, developed and tested for many years of continuous operation in the most demanding environments. It has a drum volume of 65 liters and a capacity of 7 kg (16 lbs).

Article number: 100300

Product information

Powerful machine with unique features

The TMX 65 was created by Swiss engineering and is meticulously thought out and tested down to the last detail. The powerful construction with its advanced technology has innovative components that are tested for safe operation for many years. Features such as the electric door lock, the detergent compartment and the specially designed hinges are important parts, but also the unique location of the drain valve ensures reliable operation.

Exclusive design for everyone

The stylish design and the well-thought-out features improve the well-being in the laundry space. Follow the entire washing process on the clear display with intuitive interface. Open the door without using manual force. Choose between many washing programs that are fast and gentle. Everything is included in our powerful premium washing machine TMX 65.

PODAB ProLine TMX Washing Machines
PODAB ProLine Washing Machine Drum

Sustainable environmental thinking

TMX 65 cleans efficiently, which saves energy and water. The unique drum with three asymmetrical rolls means that the laundry is processed differently depending on which direction the drum spins. The washing system extends the life of both the washing machine and textiles. The smart oval outer drum (WED) with submerged elements reduces water consumption, which saves both water and energy.

Smart features

A protection under the opening of the drum prevents small items from falling between the door and the front plate during unloading.

Technical specifications



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