Washing ExtractorProLine TMX 35

The ProLine TMX 35 is a professional-grade washing machine built to withstand even the most demanding environments. With its heavy-duty construction, it can handle high loads with ease. The drum volume is 130 liters / 5 cu ft. with a capacity of 14 kg / 30 lbs. Extremely powerful and built to last, this washing machine has been rigorously tested for safe operation even with rigorous use. It's perfect for heavy-duty laundry tasks and larger items, such as PPE.

Article number: 100303

Product information

Standard Features


  • Soft mount / freestanding, high-speed washing machine 

  • Powder-coated steel housing, matt grey

  • Stainless steel drum and outer drum

  • Intuitive operation with 4.3-inch colour display

  • Ergonomic detergent dispenser

  • Laundry trap protection

  • Convenient loading/unloading through large doors 

  • Hot water connection

  • Drain valve

  • Time preselection up to 7 weekdays

  • 24 languages

  • Autoclean



  • Control system «Expert+»

  • USB interface

  • Connection for 8 liquid detergent injection pumps 

  • Machine base 10.6 in / 270 mm

  • Machine base with lint filter drawer

  • Machine hygiene monitoring via USB

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ProLine TMX 35 Dimensions

1. Main switch

2. Electrical connection

3. Water connection

4. Overflow / Venting

5. Connection for liquid detergent

6. Drain pipe

Technical specifications



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