TorktumlareStreamLine T 9153 VP

The StreamLine T 9153 VP is a dryer with a heat pump that has a drum volume of 153 liters (4 cu ft). When energy efficiency is a priority, the T 9153 VP is a good choice as it is one of the most energy efficient tumble dryers available. A unique tumble dryer that only uses 1.8 kWh at full load.

Article number: 122111

Product information

Climate-smart tumble dryer

The heat pump dryer T 9153 VP is now even better thanks to new heat pump technology that saves more energy and makes the drying process more efficient. With the heat pump technology, up to 50% is saved in energy consumption compared to an evacuating model dryer. The aerodynamically designed rollers provide better airflow and redistribution of the laundry. It is an ECO-innovation product that contributes to a better environment, while at the same time operating costs are lower.

Drying program for many needs

The heat pump technology allows you to dry at a lower temperature. Regardless of the textiles to be dried, there is a solution: blouses, angora and delicate synthetic materials, all can be dried in the tumble dryer. For extra sensitive materials, the special synthetic program is advantageously used. In addition, the drum is reversible, which is good if you are drying e.g. bedding because the sheets will not twist.

Tumbler dryers that last longer

The dryer is equipped with an ingenious cleaning system. It cleans itself two to three times during each drying program and minimizes lint build-up in the heat pump. This means that the dryer lasts longer and maintains its efficiency, while you don't have to clean it by hand as often.

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