TorktumlareStreamLine T 9153 K

StreamLine T 9153 K is an energy-efficient tumble dryer with a drum volume of 153 liter (4 cu ft) and capacity of 8 kg (18 lbs). It is a condenser dryer with a solid construction. It has very good sound and heat insulation, which provides quiet and energy-efficient operation.

Article number: 122110

Product information

Effective and energy-efficient 

T 9153 K is a condensation tumbler with automatic moisture detection that interrupts the drying process when the laundry is dry. The tumble dryer is equipped with aerodynamically designed grooves in the stainless steel drum. The rollers provide much better air flow when there is little laundry and better redistribution of the laundry when the tumbler is full. The efficient condensation package sits at the front.

Multiple drying programs

Most materials can be dried such as jeans, shirts, silk garments, curtains and outerwear. There are also programs for extra delicate materials that require gentle drying. When you select a program for washing bed linen, the reversing drum is activated to prevent the sheets from twisting and forming balls. It has an ergonomically designed panel with a color display that shows the remaining time, program selection, etc.

Nice design with durable construction

T 9153 K is award-winning for its design. The new updated bearing design with ball bearings provides increased reliability and durability. In addition, it is very well insulated, which provides a quiet and energy-efficient operation.

Advantages of condensing dryers

As the T 9153 K is a condensing dryer, it fits perfectly in spaces where the air cannot be evacuated.

Technical specifications



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