TorktumlareProLine TX 325 E

ProLine TX 325 E is a world-class evacuation dryer. A powerhouse developed and tested for many years of continuous operation. It has a drum volume of 325 liters (12 cu ft) and a capacity of 18 kg (40 lbs). A durable tumble dryer that fits in demanding environments and dries large amounts of laundry quickly and cost-effectively.

Article number: 100101

Product information

Engineering with unique advantages

The TX 325 E is a durable dryer created by Swiss engineering. The powerful design with its advanced technology has innovative components that have been tested for safe operation for many years. The dryers has a reversing drum made of stainless steel with a unique direct drive.

Innovative drying

TX 325 E has a double air flow, which streamlines the drying process and gently dries. It also has an optimized recycling system for waste heat. As much as 30% of the air extracted into the dryer from the room is preheated. The adjustable motor speed together with the reversal prevents the laundry from twisting and streamlines the drying process. With advanced humidity and temperature sensing, each step of the drying process is monitored and the dryer switches off at the desired dryness level.

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Exclusive design for everyone

The stylish design and the well-thought-out features improve the well-being in the laundry space. With a large door, it is easy to load and unload laundry. With an intuitive interface the process can be followed on a clear display. An ergonomical designed lint filter box allows for easy maintanance.

Technical specifications



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