Large Podab Drying Cabinet with closed doors

Drying cabinetProLine TS 93 E

Introducing the ProLine TS 93 E drying cabinet - a high-capacity evacuating drying cabinet that can accommodate up to 35 lbs / 16 kg of laundry and consumes just 6.4 kWh per dry cycle. Uniquely, this cabinet boasts a full 100 ft / 32 m hanging length, making it the only drying cabinet in its class to offer such an impressive capacity. Its sturdy construction and substantial size make it a perfect solution for regular and heavy-duty laundry loads, while also meeting the demand for large-capacity drying cabinets in laundry spaces that require robust and reliable equipment.

Article number: 233001

Product information

Standard Drying Cabinet Features

  • Drying capacity equal to 35 lbs / 16 kg

  • Gentle drying process without mechanical action

  • Program ends with “cool down” to room temperature

  • Standard recirculation system, hot air

  • Display with 8 available languages

  • Power coated galvanized steel

  • HTS - Humidity Tracking System with temperature and humidity sensors

  • High temperature programs, greatly reduces bacterial contaminants and allergens

  • Microprocessor control with manual and automatic modes

  • Hanging rail rotates out 90° and doors open 190°

  • Double overheat protection with backup sensor for increased safety

  • Electrically heated

  • Fast and efficient drying times

  • Interior lighting

  • Easy to navigate programs with display, buttons and braille

  • Four automatic drying programs and one manual timed program

  • Adjustable preset start time

  • Adjustable feet from the inside of the cabinet

  • Powder coated galvanized steel

  • Low energy consumption



  • Single hanging ba.

  • Door hook racks attached on the inside of the door for additional accessories


PODAB Drying Cabinet Digital Display
PODAB drying cabinet with many dry towels on extended racks.

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Humidity Tracking System

Drying cabinet TS 93 E is programmed with a state-of- the-art Humidity Tracking System (HTS) to automatically measure and adjust the temperature. HTS tracks the humidity level of the textiles and accessories all throughout each drying segment using built in sensors. The Humidity Tracking System automatically turns the drying program off when the items inside are perfectly dry.


ProLine TS 93 E Dimensions

Technical specifications



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