Drying cabinetProLine TS 63 E

ProLine TS 63 E is a very efficient and energy-efficient drying cabinet with a capacity of 8 kg (20 lbs). The energy consumption is only 3 kWh/dry cycle and the drying time is short. The drying cabinet is developed and manufactured in Sweden and fits perfectly in laundry spaces where robust and reliable products are demanded.

Article number: 131032

Product information

Saves Energy

The drying cabinet is equipped with the high-tech system, HTS, Humidity Tracking System, which senses the moisture level and interrupts the drying process exactly when the laundry is dry. The cabinet works with double fans and air ducts to create a perfect balance between evacuated and recirculated air. A negative pressure prevents leakage of hot air into the room. Energy consumption is low, just 3 kWh per drying cycle.

Easy to Use

A user-friendly display shows information with clear symbols throughout the drying process. The cabinet has four automatic and one time-controlled program. Shoe drying can be selected for each drying program. The doors can be opened 190° and the unique hanging frame, which is reversible, can be rotated out 180°.

Can be delivered ready to use or as an assembling kit. 


  • Gentle drying without mechanical action

  • User-friendly display with automatic programs and programs for timed drying

  • Display has 8 available languages 

  • Program ends with “cool down” to room temperature

  • Capacity, up to 8 kg (20 lbs)

  • The doors open 190 degrees

  • Lighting inside cabinet

  • The unique hanging frame (reversible) can be rotated 180 degrees



  • Interior; choose between Swinging Hanging Rails and Single Bar 

  • Door Mounted Hook Racks on the inside of the door.


Delivered as an assembling kit. 


Humidity Tracking System

HTS, Humidity Tracking System, is a high-tech software developed by PODAB. It measures the humidity level every second to determine exactly when the textiles are dry and stops the drying process right at that moment. 

Why Drying Cabinets?

There are many advantages to using a drying cabinet over a tumble dryer. Drying cabinets are perfect for delicate pieces that are recommended to “hang dry,” “flat dry,” or for clothes that should not be tumble dried.

Technical specifications



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