Drying cabinet for industrial personal protective equipment

Drying cabinetProLine FC 20

The FC 20 Drying Cabinet is a purpose-built solution designed for drying personal protective gear. Boasting an efficient and gentle drying process, this cabinet can comfortably accommodate up to six oversized and heavy-duty garments, making it an essential piece of equipment for fire departments, military personnel, and demanding industries such as Oil & Gas. Utilizing a dual drrying system, the FC 20 dries both the inside and outside of each garment simultaneously by directing hot air through the hangers into the overalls, as well as around the overalls. All without any mechanical action. Choose the FC 20 for reliable and safe drying of your most important protective gear.

NFPA 1851 Compliant

Article number: 232001

Product information

Standard Supreme Features

  • Dries from the inside and outside simultaneously using a dual drying system

  • 71 inches wide - allows for more room between the gear for faster drying

  • Drying times as fast as 65 minutes

  • Programmable control

  • Program ends with “cool down” to room temperature

  • Standard recirculation system, hot air

  • 6 detachable hangers are included in the standard design

  • Drying capacity of 6 large protective suits

  • Gentle drying without mechanical action

  • Interior lighting

  • Easy to navigate programs with display, buttons and braille

  • Adjustable preset start time

  • Adjustable feet from the inside of the cabinet

  • Power coated galvanized steel

  • Delivered as flat-pack and is assembled at the installation site

  • NFPA 1851 Compliant

  • Double overheat protection with backup sensor for increased safety


  • Detachable racks for gloves

  • Detachable racks for boots

  • Door hook racks that attach to the inside of the drying cabinet door for additional accessories

Firefighter boots and gloves drying in a PODAB drying cabinet.

Dual Drying System

PODAB firefighter drying system


Drying the outside and inside simultaneously

ProLine FC 20 uses a state-of-the-art air circulation system to ensure even and thorough drying from the outside and inside of the gear simultaneously. The drying process uses a dual drying system. One system distributes hot air through the six unique hangers into the suits, and another circulates hot air within the cabinet to dry the garments from the out- side, resulting in an efficient, energy-saving drying process.

Evacuating moisture and humidity

The drying process involves removing moisture and humidity from the protective gear, and the dual drying system inside the cabinet play a crucial role in this process. As the air circulates through the cabinet, it passes over heating elements that warm the air, increasing its ability to hold moisture. The warm, dry air then circulates around and inside the protective gear, absorbing any moisture present and carrying it out of the cabinet. The two systems work in tandem to ensure that the air inside the cabinet circulates evenly, reaching all areas of the protective equipment. This ensures that the drying process is thorough and effective, while also minimizing the risk of damage to the items being dried.


Drying without Mechanical Action

ProLine FC 20 dries without mechanical action which allows for gentle drying without friction. This increases the lifespan of the protective equipment while also reducing the energy consumption.

The Proline FC20 was designed to dry protective gear using heat and air, by relying on the principles of circulation and evaporation. This makes the cabinet a gentler option for protective gear, as there is no risk for the protective gear to get snagged or damaged in the drying process. By using heat and air circulation, it provides a more controlled and consistent drying environment, which can be especially beneficial for the costly specialists protective gear or large bulky gear that cannot be placed in a conventional dryer.

We have compared wear caused by washing and drying without mechanical action with wear caused by washing and drying with mechanical action for our own machines. Our test shows that the textiles that were dried with mechanical action had a 64% more wear and tear compared to the textiles that were dried without mechanical action.



The drying cabinet ProLine FC 20 is built for tackling heavy loads of protective gear. With its large capacity and durable construction, it has the stability required to handle high loads for an extended period. ProLine FC 20 has been rigorously tested to ensure a 20+ year life expectancy with continuous use and very little upkeep needed.


A User-friendly Construction

The FC 20 Drying Cabinet has a user-friendly display with clear symbols and a simple interface. This superior drying cabinet has three automated programs and one time-controlled drying program. Three automated programs are for drying protective gear, while the other is for garments such as station clothes.


Similar Machines

Humidity Tracking System

FC 20 is equipped with the high-tech system, Humidity Tracking System (HTS). It can sense the humidity level and will stop the drying process right when the textiles are dry. This system contributes to a more efficient drying process that saves time, energy and money. 


Collaboration with Healthy Firefighters

Drying equipment developed in close collaboration with Healthy Firefighters, Sweden. PODABs drying cabinet, FC 20, has a unique construction that dries the garments efficiently and gently. 


Technical specifications



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