Drying cabinetProLine FC 20

FC 20 is a drying cabinet specially developed for drying heavy duty overalls. With an efficient and gentle drying procedure, the dryer has a capacity for 6 larger overalls, making it a necessity for fire departments and other similar industries. One system dries the overalls from the outside and another system dries them from the inside by directing hot air through the hangers into the overalls. There is no mechanical action during the drying process which extends the fabrics service life. All standard programs follow NFPA 1851

Capacity - 20 kg (45 lbs) or 6 large uniforms.

Article number: 131035

Product information

Protective Gear Drying Cabinet

FC 20 will minimize exposure of hazardous elements in the firefighter’s daily lives. This drying cabinet will reduce wear and tear of the gear and it has customized programs for drying protective garments.

Efficient Drying Process

The drying cabinet dries the garments from the outside and the inside at the same time. One system distributes hot air through the six unique hangers into the garments and one system distributes hot air within the cabinet to dry the garments from the outside. It is a very efficient and energy saving drying process. 


Impregnation Treatment

A special impregnation treatment program has been developed and can be installed upon request. This will help the impregnation bond with the turnout gear and extend the life of the gear and improve the protection for the fireman.

User-friendly Construction

The drying cabinet has a user-friendly display with clear symbols and a simple interface. FC 20 has three automatic programs and one program for time-controlled drying. Two automatic programs for drying protective gear  and an automatic program for garments such as station clothes etc. The display can be set in seven different languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, French, German and Spanish.

Humidity Tracking System - HTS 

It is equipped with the Humidity Tracking System (HTS) which senses the moisture level and interrupts the drying process exactly when the laundry is dry.


  • Dries from the inside and outside simultaneously

  • 71 inches wide - allows for more room between the gear for faster drying

  • Drying capacity of 6 large overalls

  • Drying procedure hardens the impregnation

  • Drying times as fast as 65 minutes

  • Gentle drying without friction

  • Programmable control with 9 available programs allows maximum flexibility

  • Indoor lighting 

  • Detachable hangers and racks for easier handling

  • Program ends with “cool down” to room temperature

  • Standard recirculation system, hot air

  • Six hangers are included in the standard design



  • Door mounted hook rack (good to hang mask, helmets and accessories on)

  • Rack for boots

  • Rack for gloves


Delivered as flat-pack and is assembled at the installation site.

Humidity Tracking System

FC 20 is equipped with the high-tech system, Humidity Tracking System (HTS). It can sense the humidity level and will stop the drying process right when the textiles are dry. This system contributes to a more efficient drying process that saves time, energy and money. 

Collaboration with Healthy Firefighters

Drying equipment developed in close collaboration with Healthy Firefighters, Sweden. PODABs drying cabinet, FC 20, has a unique construction that dries the garments efficiently and gently. 



Technical specifications



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