Drying Cabinets

We offer professional drying cabinets of the highest quality, developed and manufactured in Sweden. Drying cabinets have huge benefits over tumble dryers because they dry without mechanical action. Though traditional dryers will work for some of your items, more delicate pieces that are difficult to dry as well as heavy duty garments require a drying cabinet. If you prefer fast drying or need to dry large quantities, we have the products you’re looking for. Our drying cabinets are very energy efficient, durable, reliable and user friendly. The drying cabinets are automatically programed to measure both rest humidity and the correct temperature for each drying segment.

PODAB Drying Cabinets

You will save time, energy and money by using our drying cabinets. Our drying cabinets are developed with both the user and the environment as a central focus. Energy saving, high hanging lengths and efficiency are the features that make PODABs drying cabinets stand out. Regardless of what you are searching for, we have the solution and will guide you before, during and after your purchase of commercial drying equipment.

Polka Dot Test showing Podab performs better.


Read more about our Polka Dot Test to show the difference in wear and tear caused by mechanical action between a commercial tumble dryer and a drying cabinet.

Results from the tests with POLKA DOT monitors show that the monitors that were washed and dried with mechanical action wore 64% more than those that were dried without mechanical action.


Drying Cabinet Display Panel

  • Easy to reach display panel. 

  • Easy to navigate programs with display, buttons and braille.

  • Choose between 8 languages.

  • Prepared for standard Ppayment systems

Drying Cabinet Display Photo

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