Laundry basket TP 4

Laundry Cart - TP 4

Laundry Cart TP 4 is an ergonomic and flexible laundry cart with four free-swinging wheels that fits perfectly in the laundry space. The solid construction and the four rotating castors mean that it rolls easily across the floor and is easy to use. All wheels have deflector covers/protections made of rubber that minimize the risk of scratches on the machines and the interior of the laundry space. It can be placed very close to the equipment to load and unload the textiles. The height of the handle is adjusted so that you can stand behind the cart and handle the laundry. Perfectly suited for all types of laundry spaces; in the shared laundry space in student accommodations or in apartment complexes, in nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, stables etc.

Article number: 161033

Product information

Smart & ergonomic cart on wheels for the laundry space

TP 4 is a very smart and flexible laundry cart that is a great addition to the laundry space. Instead of carrying around the heavy laundry, clothes and textiles are easily transported in the cart. The laundry cart can be placed very close to the washing machine or dryer, which means that the textiles don't end up on the floor when loading and unloading the laundry. It is ergonomically designed and facilitates the handling of the laundry, as you get both hands free for other things. Just fill the laundry cart and roll it between the machines. That's how easy it is to manage the laundry if you have a laundry cart on wheels. The height of the handle is also adjusted so that you can stand behind the cart to load and unload the laundry.

Easy to assemble

TP 4 is an affordable and smart laundry cart that is delivered in a flat cardboard box. The self-supporting construction is assembled in less than a minute, completely without tools. 

No loose screws.

The laundry cart is black with a chrome steel stand.

Technical specifications



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