Drying Cabinet for Stables and Ranches

Drying Cabinet for Horse Stable

Stables and ranches are challenging environments where professional dressage equipment must be properly maintained. PODAB's TS 63 E and TS 93 E drying cabinets are perfect for laundry rooms on horse farms. Built to last, these drying cabinets are reliable, robust, and spacious, able to endure long-term use and strain. With our TS 93 E drying cabinet, you can dry up to four saddle blankets at once, depending on the type of blanket it is drying. Our drying cabinets maintain your horse tack efficiently, ensuring both horse and rider are always prepared.

Drying Cabinets for Demanding Environments

PODAB's line of drying cabinets is meticulously crafted and produced in Sweden, ideal for settings that require sturdy and trustworthy equipment. Designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind, these cabinets boast features that ensure user-friendliness and ease of use.

Podab drying cabinets are a game-changer for equine care

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, Särö Stable is a state-of-the-art equestrian facility that boasts exceptional stables and facilities for both riders and horses. Sustainability and environmental consciousness are at the forefront of Särö Stable's values, as evidenced by their use of a photovoltaic system that provides green energy for the whole facility. In 2019, a new laundry room was added, equipped with energy-efficient machines and drying cabinets to effectively yet gently wash and dry heavy and delicate horse tack in a timely manner.

Advanced drying cabinets Ideal for Equestrian Facilities

The laundry room at Särö Stable proves that functional and aesthetically pleasing design can be achieved in even the most demanding environments. The bright white-tiled walls serve as a backdrop to the spacious TS 93 E drying cabinets, ideally suited for drying large textiles. The facility owner attests that the specially designed cabinets are a little-known secret within the equestrian community.

Elevating the Care of Horse Tack

The farm houses a total of 45 horses across four stables, resulting in a significant amount of laundry that needs to be washed, dried, and organized every day. Due to the high standards of the horses and the farm, all equipment must be carefully maintained and treated with gentle washing and drying methods. The owner of Särö Stables expresses satisfaction with the recent addition of two efficient and spacious drying cabinets, which have been instrumental in streamlining their laundry process. The optimal size of the cabinets allows for easy drying of even the largest horse blankets, and the hanger rack makes it simple to hang them up and dry them quickly.

"There are no better drying cabinets on the market"

The drying cabinets at Särö Stable have been a great hit among visitors, who are impressed by their size and user-friendliness. The hangers on the inside of the drying cabinet doors even make it easy to dry smaller horse equipment such as leg wraps. Initially, the stable considered installing a drying room, but the decision to put in the drying cabinets turned out to be a much better investment. The owner of Särö Stable states, “Today we are so pleased with our decision that we chose to install drying cabinets. There are no better drying cabinets on the market than those from PODAB", says the owner of Särö Stable.

  • Drying cabinet with horse tack on extended hangers
  • Särö Stable office and logo
  • Horse equipment drying in Podab drying cabinet

Not many people know that there are drying cabinets
that are so well adapted to the horse world.

- Owner of Särö Stable.


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