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PODAB washing machines in shared laundry space

Does your shared laundry area require updated washing machines and drying cabinets? We understand that users' needs and preferences can vary, which is why our expert laundry equipment is a perfect fit for shared laundry spaces. Our selection of equipment offers various combinations to cater to every need. If you're considering upgrading your laundry equipment, we are ready to assist you in selecting the best products to suit your space.

Tailor your Laundry Solution

The appearance and requirements of shared laundry areas in student housing and apartment buildings differ. In smaller apartment complexes or student accommodations, the laundry area may not be heavily utilized. It's important to consider whether most residents have their own washing machines in their units. On the other hand, in larger apartment complexes with families and children, the demand for shared laundry spaces may be higher, and it's essential to ensure that the area is well-maintained to accommodate multiple users. Ultimately, the extent of demand on your shared laundry space and the number of users will determine the best approach for managing the laundry facilities.

At PODAB, we collaborate with our customers to create a customized laundry solution that perfectly fits their self-service space. Our comprehensive product range includes all the necessary equipment to create a hassle-free self-service laundry experience, such as washing machines, tumble dryers, drying cabinets, and various accessories.

Seamless Laundry Payment Systems

The payment systems for our washing machines and tumble dryers are compatible with most payment methods available worldwide. These machines can accept payment via card, coin, or token and can be integrated with central payment systems for added convenience.

Laundry equipment for High Demand

If you reside in a spacious student accommodation or apartment complex with a perpetually occupied laundry area, you may require more and larger laundry machines. The ProLine series offers sturdy washing machines, tumble dryers, and drying cabinets that can endure heavy usage. For more demanding environments, we recommend the ProLine TMX 65 or TMX 80, durable and dependable washing machines specifically designed for shared laundry spaces.

PODAB dryer

Tumble Dryers for the Shared Laundry Space

We offer a diverse collection of high-quality tumble dryers that cater to varying requirements in shared laundry spaces. Our heat pump tumble dryer is an excellent choice for those seeking to save energy, while the evacuated tumble dryer is a speedy option. Additionally, we provide a condenser tumble dryer that works well in areas where air cannot be evacuated. Many of our tumble dryers are equipped with automatic moisture detection (HTS) technology, which detects when the laundry is dry and stops the drying process. Our tumble dryers are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly machines with a long lifespan.

Drying Cabinets for the Shared Laundry Space

Improved drying facilities are often a top requirement among residents who use shared laundry spaces. Understanding the specific needs of your shared laundry space is crucial. We recommend the TS 63 E and TS 93 E models if you require a rapid and energy-efficient drying cabinet. However, if you need a cabinet with an extra-large capacity, we suggest the FC 20 drying cabinet.

PODAB Drying Cabinet
Podab washing machine, dryer, and drying cabinet

Complete Range for Different Needs

We offer a selection of sturdy, fast, user-friendly, energy-efficient, and reliable drying cabinets, washers, and dryers. Based on your requirements, we can easily combine products to tailor-make your optimal solution. 

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