Healthcare Sector

Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Dental Care & More!


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Our washing machines are designed to cater to the healthcare industry's unique laundry needs, including those of nursing homes, hospitals, and dental clinics. Equipped with specialized programs, our premier washing machines ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection of textiles through extra rinsing phases and continuous high-temperature washing. With easy-to-use display panels, selecting the appropriate programs couldn’t be simpler. The machines are also easy to service, making maintenance hassle-free.

Washing Machines with Disinfection Programs

Our ProLine Washing Machine is equipped with disinfection programs that utilize thermal and chemothermal methods. The ProLine series also features specialized disinfection programs suitable for various textiles, sheets, and mattresses. All of our disinfection programs meet the rigorous hygiene standards of the healthcare sector.

Washing Machines for Nursing Homes

At PODAB, we recommend the ProLine washing machines for nursing homes with heightened needs. These select laundry machines are built to withstand continuous operation and are highly reliable. Our washing machines are perfect for washing mattresses, pillows, textiles, towels, and sheets.


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