Protective Gear Drying Cabinet


PODAB FC20 Drying Cabinet

PODAB pioneered the development of drying cabinets for firefighting gear in the 1990s. We were the first to create drying cabinets with innovative hangers that dry heavy-duty garments from the inside while hot air distribution within the cabinet dries them from the outside. Our drying cabinets provide an efficient and gentle drying process with customized programs specifically designed for protective gear. Our drying cabinets reduce gear wear and tear, and firefighters' daily exposure to toxic elements is minimized.

Drying Cabinet for Protective Gear

PODAB’s premier drying cabinet, the FC 20, is specially developed for drying protective gear. It offers drying programs customized for heavy-duty garments and ensures a gentle and efficient drying process.


The FC 20 Drying Cabinet

The FC 20 Drying Cabinet comes with specially developed hangers that dry heavy-duty gear from both the inside and outside simultaneously. This drying process operates without any mechanical action, thus reducing the wear and tear of the garments. The result is an efficient and gentle drying process that ensures longer-lasting protective gear.

Flexible Drying Solutions with the FC 20 Drying Cabinet

The FC 20 Drying Cabinet offers versatile and flexible drying options, with a customizable interior where hangers can easily be replaced with racks for boots or gloves, depending on your needs. Equipped with six unique hangers, the FC 20 can dry up to six oversized overalls simultaneously without causing wear and tear, thanks to its gentle drying process. Additionally, a door-mounted hook rack on the inside of the cabinet’s door provides an additional option for drying smaller garments. With its innovative construction, the FC 20 Drying Cabinet ensures efficient and gentle drying of all types of equipment.

Collaboration with Healthy Firefighters, Sweden

Our collaboration with Healthy Firefighters resulted in the development of the FC 20, our innovative drying cabinet. Stefan Magnusson, the founder of Healthy Firefighters in Sweden, played a significant role in the project. Using his well-established method called "The Swedish Way," he developed new routines for fire stations to reduce exposure to dangerous substances. 

Optimal Drying Process

PODAB’s drying cabinet for protective gear, the FC 20, has a unique construction with special hangers and a drying process that operates sans mechanical action. The drying process is gentle and efficient, and the gear is ready to be used again within 3-4 hours.

“It has to be simple to prevent contamination of soot and other particles. The heavy-duty working uniform is essential to keep Firefighters safe. It is important to realize that after an alarm, the PPE is a potential danger for Firefighters. Therefore, one should make sure that the PPE is removed from the body immediately after every operation, as well as washed and dried in a timely manner”, says Stefan Magnusson.




"At the station, we use the ProLine FC 20. We are very satisfied with the drying cabinet
because it makes the routines and the work-flow at the station as effective as possible.
The drying cabinet dries the garments fast which is vital to us. Otherwise, there
is a greater risk that the routines are not followed".


- Stefan Magnusson, Healthy FireFighters, Sweden

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