Professional Products for Mop Cleaning 

Washing machine for mops

Experience the efficiency of PODAB's professional washing machines, specifically designed for the cleaning industry. PODAB’s advanced washing machines offer tailored washing programs for every mop type, ensuring thorough cleaning for even the most contaminated mops. Recognizing the need for diverse cleaning methods in various environments, our mop washing machines come equipped with specialized programs to clean mops, microfiber cloths, and pads effectively.

Washing machines to meet high demands

Achieving an exceptional washing result is crucial when it comes to cleaning mops. Mops are designed to attract and hold dirt, which means washing machines must meet high standards to consistently deliver fresh and hygienic mops for repeated use. Our mop washing machines streamline the cleaning process with their innovative design. Each washing program concludes with a final rinse that impregnates the mops with cleaning agents, making subsequent cleaning tasks easier and faster. Take the mops straight from the washer and onto the floor without any manual cleaning preparation.

Gentle and energy-efficient cleaning

Our laundry machines are designed to be gentle on both textiles and the environment. The washing machine drums minimize wear, enhance draining efficiency, and contribute to a more energy-efficient wash. For optimal results and longevity, cleaning equipment used in dry cleaning projects should be tumble dried. Explore our diverse range of dryers, tailored to meet all your drying needs.


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