Areas of Use

PODAB offers professional drying equipment for all environments. Our energy-efficient quality products are developed to withstand high loads for a long time. No matter what your needs are, we will help you develop a customized solution that is suitable for your particular business. Below you can read more about our most popular areas of use; Fire and Emergency Services, Stables and Ranches, Self-Service Sector, Restaurants & Hotels, Healthcare Sector and the Shared Laundry Space.


PODAB Fire and Emergency Sector

Fire and Emergency Service

PODABs drying cabinet FC 20 is specially designed and developed for drying protective gear. Healthy Firefighters recommend PODAB's drying cabinet because it creates a safer working environment for firefighters. Our products reduce wear and tear on the garments and are very efficient.

PODAB Stable and Ranges Sector

Stables and Ranches

The delicate and heavy dressage equipment is dried gently and efficiently in the spacious drying cabinets from PODAB. Leg protection and boots can easily be hung up for drying on the hook rack that is mounted on the inside of the drying cabinet doors.

PODAB Self-service Sector

Self-Service Sector

PODAB works with our customers to tailor a laundry solution that best fits their serf-service space. There are many different aspects that must be taken into account for the laundry space to be optimal. We are here to help plan the self-service laundry space in a practical and economical way. 

Restaurants & Hotels

There are many benefits of being in charge of the drying process yourself. Get greater flexibility and better control by drying in your own premises. Fewer transports to external laundry suppliers result in less environmental impact through lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Healthcare Sector

Our machines are equipped with special programs that are adapted for the healthcare sector. The drying programs include high temperature required to disinfect the textiles. 

Shared Laundry Space

There are many whose needs and wants should be satisfied and that is why our professional laundry equipment fits so well in the shared laundry space. When it's time to change equipment, we'll be happy to help and recommend which products suit your space best.

Areas of Use

All businesses have different needs. We supply professional laundry equipment for all areas of use, such as the shared laundry space, the cleaning industry, the rescue service, hotels, hospitals and stables and ranges. We offer laundry equipment specially developed for the different industries.

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