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Is your shared laundry space in need of new equipment? There are many whose needs and wants should be satisfied and that is why our professional laundry equipment fits so well in the shared laundry space. We offer multiple combinations to fit all of their needs. When it's time to change equipment, we'll be happy to help and recommend which products suit your space best.

Tailor your Laundry Solution

Shared laundry spaces in student accommodations and apartment complexes look different and have varying needs. If your apartment complex or student accommodation is smaller, the laundry space may not be so heavily used. Do most of the residents have their own washing machine in their home? Is your apartment complex larger, with many families with children? It's all about how high the demand is on your shared laundry space, how many people use it and how well it is taken care of.

PODAB works with our customers to tailor a laundry solution that best fits their serf-service space. We provide all the products needed to create worry free self-service laundry spaces. Our product range includes everything from washing machines, tumble dryers, and drying cabinets to accessories. 

Payment System

Payment systems for washers and tumble dryers are ready for connection with the vast majority of payment systems available today globally. At the machine with card, coin or token to the possibility of connecting the machines to central payment systems.

Laundry Equipment for Medium Demand

The washing machine and dryers in the StreamLine series fit perfectly in the shared laundry space with medium to high demand where quality is of great importance. The efficient washing machine, StreamLine TM 9070 is very durable and can withstand high loads for a long time. The washing machine is reliable, user-friendly and award-winning for its fine design. The high-quality tumble dryers in the StreamLine series are available either as evacuating StreamLine T 9153 E, condensing StreamLine T 9153 K or with heat pump technology StreamLine T 9153 VP.

Laundry equipment for High Demand

Do you live in a large student accommodation or apartment complex with a shared laundry space that is always fully booked? A heavily loaded laundry space usually requires more and larger machines. The washing machines, tumble dryers and drying cabinets in the ProLine series are robust machines that can withstand hard use. In more demanding environments, we recommend ProLine TMX 65 or TMX 80, which are durable and reliable washing machines for the shared laundry space.

Tumble Dryers for the Shared Laundry Space

We have a wide range of professional tumble dryers to suit different needs in the shared laundry space. Choose our heat pump tumble dryer if saving energy is the biggest priority or the evacuated tumble dryer if fast machines are needed. We also offer a condenser tumble dryer that is excellent in spaces where the air can not be evacuated. Several of the tumble dryers are equipped with automatic moisture detection (HTS) which detects when the laundry is dry and shuts off the drying process. All our tumble dryers are efficient and user-friendly machines that have a long service life.

Drying Cabinets for the Shared Laundry Space

Better drying facilities are often a common wish among the residents who use the shared laundry space. It is important to understand the needs of your shared laundry space. Do you need a fast and energy-efficient drying cabinet? Then we recommend drying cabinets TS 63 E and TS 93 E. If your biggest priority is that the cabinet is extra large, we recommend drying cabinet FC 20.

Complete Range for Different Needs

We offer robust, fast, user-friendly, energy-efficient and reliable products. Everything from the affordable BaseLine series and high-quality StreamLine series to really solid wear wolves in the ProLine series. Depending on what needs you have and which solution is the best, we can combine products from our different series and easily guide you to the optimal products that suit your Brf. Of course, we also have all the equipment needed to get a complete and worry-free laundry room. Everything from mangels, washbasins and work tables to laundry carts and digital booking system.

PODAB Booklet 2022

PODAB Product Booklet 2022

Interested in knowing more about our professional products? Download or view our updated PODAB Product Booklet 2022 to know more about our sectors, products and technical specifications. 

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