Healthcare Sector


Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Dental Care etc.

PODAB Cleaning Industry

Our washing machines are equipped with special programs that are adapted for nursing homes, hospitals, dental care etc. The washing programs include extra rinsing phases and the continuous, high temperature required to disinfect the textiles. The washing machines are easy to use and the display panel makes it very easy to select programs. In addition, the washing machines are easy to service.

Washing Machines with Disinfection Programs

Washing machine TM 9070 in the StreamLine series is equipped with disinfection programs, for either thermal or chemothermal disinfection. The washing machines in the ProLine series are equipped with disinfection programs that are suitable for textiles, sheets and mattresses. All disinfection programs meet the high demands placed on healthcare.

Washing Machines for Nursing Homes

For nursing homes with high demands, we recommend washing machines from the ProLine series. They are reliable and built for continuous operation. Washing machines with a capacity of 10.5 kg (23 pounds) are perfect for washing mattresses and pillows. Washing machines with a capacity of 7 kg (15.4 pounds) are suitable for textiles, towels and sheets.  


PODAB Booklet 2022

PODAB Product Booklet 2022

Interested in knowing more about our professional products? Download or view our updated PODAB Product Booklet 2022 to know more about our sectors, products and technical specifications. 

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