Professional Products for Mop Cleaning 

PODAB Cleaning Industry

PODAB's professional washing machines for the cleaning industry have washing programs for each type of mop, maintain optimal quality and wash the most contaminated mops clean. Because different environments require different cleaning methods, our mop washing machines are equipped with the required programs for washing mops, microfiber cloths and pads.

Products for high demands

The washing result is the most important thing when washing mops. Since the mop is developed to attract dirt and retain it, high demands are placed on washing machines that will produce freshly washed and hygienic mops for use over and over again. Our mop washing machines are designed to make the cleaning process more efficient. The last rinse of each washing program impregnates the mops with cleaning products for easier and faster cleaning. Take the mops straight from the washer and on to the floor without any manual cleaning preparation.

Gentle and energy efficient cleaning

The products are developed to be gentle on both the textiles and the environment. The drum of the washing machines wears less, drains more efficiently and leads to a much more energy-efficient wash. Cleaning equipment used in dry cleaning projects should be tumbled for best results and durability. In our range, you will find dryers for all needs.


PODAB Booklet 2022

PODAB Product Booklet 2022

Interested in knowing more about our professional products? Download or view our updated PODAB Product Booklet 2022 to know more about our sectors, products and technical specifications. 

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