Why Invest in a Drying Cabinet?

Our drying cabinets are developed and manufactured in Sweden and they come in different sizes and with different interiors. Although tumble drying is an efficient drying process, it wears out the clothes and isn’t suitable for many garments such as sheets, blouses, jeans, shoes, bras, bathing suits, rugs and other delicate or difficult to dry pieces. They are the perfect option for a gentle and efficient drying process since they dry without mechanical action. PODABs drying cabinets are energy efficient, durable, reliable and user-friendly. Below you can read some of the many benefits drying cabinets have over tumble dryers.


  • Less wrinkles and shrinkage

  • Less wear and tear

  • Gentle drying process

  • Fast drying times

  • Low energy consumption and cost

  • Low temperature drying

  • Low maintenance

  • Multiple drying options

  • Flexible interiors 

Humidity Tracking System

HTS, Humidity Tracking System, is a high-tech software developed by PODAB. It measures the humidity level every second to determine exactly when the textiles are dry and stops the drying process right at that moment. 

ECO Innovation

Our products benefit the user as well as the environment. The ECO- innovation symbol is placed on PODAB-products that have been developed with an extra focus on the environment to make the products more climate smart. 

Fast but Gentle Drying

By using a drying cabinet, you will get a gentle drying process. A tumble dryer generally wears out your clothes much faster than a drying cabinet will. Approximately 30% of all garments need a careful washing a drying treatment. Shoes, delicate clothes, jeans, sheets, heavy garments such as rugs and protective gear are just a few of the items that preferably shouldn’t be tumble dried. These garments will dry fast but gently in a drying cabinet.

Drying Cabinet for Heavy Garments

FC 20 is our drying cabinet that is specially designed and developed for heavy-duty garments such as personal protective garments (PPE). These garments are typically hard to dry and therefore need an even more effective drying process. FC 20 is equipped with unique hangers that dry the garments from the inside at the same time as the distribution of hot air within the cabinet dries them from the outside. This way, the heavy-duty garments dry fast and gently. 

Reduce Energy Consumption

All PODAB drying cabinets are equipped with the Humidity Tracking System (HTS). This high-tech software switches off the drying process exactly when the textiles in the cabinet are dry. The drying process is very efficient, the results are perfect, and the energy consumption is reduced.

Easy to Use and Maintain

PODABs drying cabinets have functions that are very user-friendly and easy to understand, even for the inexperienced user. The drying cabinets are also easy to maintain. Our wall instructions, product sheets and manuals contain all the information you should need for handling and installation.

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