The PODAB History 

PODAB 1955

PODAB Headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden

Laundry Since 1945

PODAB is a Swedish family-owned company that was founded in 1945. In the beginning, PODAB focused on producing and selling only washing machines. The factory in Partille, Sweden flourished during the 60's and about a hundred workers collaborated to produce washing machines in the factory east of Gothenburg. In 1985, PODAB began to partner with leading suppliers and handpick laundry equipment for the Swedish market. That year, PODAB also started the partnership with IPSO. IPSO is a part of the Alliance Laundry Systems which is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial laundry. 

Product Range Broadens

PODAB was handed down to oldest son, Robert Sellberg, in 1988. He is a visionary who has developed PODAB to be one of Sweden’s largest commercial laundry manufacturers. In the 1990’s, PODAB started to produce and sell more commercial laundry products such as the cold mangle, centrifuge and drying cabinet. During these years, the company also moved to new premises in Gothenburg, Sweden which today is the PODAB headquarters. The first specially developed drying cabinet for protective gear was developed in the late 1990’s and today PODAB has drying cabinets in fire stations all around the world. 

New Partnerships

In 2003, PODAB began the collaboration with Swiss Schulthess to widen the washing machine range. This year, PODAB also moved all production of drying cabinets to Agrippa Factory in Småland, Sweden. A couple of years later, in 2012, PODAB began a partnership with Primus which is a part of the Alliance Laundry Systems, just like IPSO.


In 2008, PODAB established a branch office in Sarasota, Florida to focus on the growing needs of fire brigades and ensuring their PPE's and other gear are both clean and dried effectively without the wear and tear commonly associated with tumble dryers.

Today, PODAB continues to grow as a company and develop innovative and professional laundry equipment. Our products are available for condominiums, hotels and restaurants, fire stations, hospitals, and riding stables, just to name a few.