Eco Friendly Innovation

PODAB Water Efficient Products

Go Clean. Go Green.

At PODAB, we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability through our products and services. We design our laundry equipment to save energy and water while reducing chemical usage, benefiting the environment with significant cost savings for Podab clients. 

ECO Innovation for a Greener Future 

Our ECO Innovation label reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability. It represents how we develop our laundry equipment with an extra focus on contributing to a cleaner environment. We equip all our world-class drying cabinets with our in-house Humidity Tracking System (HTS) that senses when the textiles are dry, automatically switching off the drying process to minimize energy consumption. With ECO Innovation products, you can achieve perfect drying results while saving energy, water, and chemicals, contributing to a greener future.

Clean Water

PODAB washing machines effectively clean textiles at lower temperatures, saving considerable energy. Our washers also drain the water from the textiles efficiently, reducing the expensive drying process.

Stainless Steel

The inner and outer washing drums and dryers of all PODAB machines are made of high-quality stainlesssteel, offering durability and a hygienic environment. Stainless steel is a recyclable material that can withstand harsh conditions, making it an excellent choice for commercial laundry equipment. Ourcustomers will save energy, water, and detergent, contributing to the protection of the environment.

Environmental Policy

PODAB works with Certways templates and guidelines for quality and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008. With the foundational principles of ISO 9001, and 14001, and our commitments, we ensure that our work is of the highest quality and environmentally conscious.

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Climate-Smart Solutions with ECO Innovation

PODAB is committed to developing environmentally friendly laundry equipment to benefit both users and the environment. Our ECO Innovation symbol is proudly placed on products that have been developed with a focus on sustainability. By choosing PODAB's climate-smart solutions, our customers can help reduce their environmental footprint while also enjoying efficient and reliable laundry equipment.

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Humidity Tracking System

HTS is a high-tech software developed by PODAB. It measures the humidity level to determine when the textiles are dry and stops the drying process right at that moment. 

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Swedish Quality

We are proud to say that our drying cabinets are developed and manufactured in Sweden, the country where PODAB was founded in 1945. We currently manufacture our drying cabinets in modern facilities in  Agrippa in southern Sweden.

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Swiss Innovation

Our products are primarily manufactured in Switzerland, where Swiss-made quality is responsible for the durability and robustness of our equipment. 


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