Our products are designed to provide an environmentally conscious laundry solution with high energy efficiency, leaving the smallest car- bon footprint possible. Our premium products guarantee quality, durability, and an extended life expectancy. PODAB’s innovative technology and programs calculate the moisture, time and temperature required for textiles and accessories to not only come out perfectly dry, but also be more environmentally responsible.



Our modern laundry equipment can significantly reduce energy consumption. PODAB’s ProLine drying cabinets have been developed with an extra focus on an ecologically responsible solution with lower impact on the environment.

The ProLine drying cabinets use a different method of drying textiles and accessories than traditional dryers. While traditional dryers use heated air to evaporate moisture from the textiles and expel it outside, the ProLine drying cabinets use a combination of gentle heat and air circulation to carefully evaporate the moisture from the textiles and accessories.



Because the ProLine drying cabinets do not use a lot of heat, they consume less energy than traditional dryers. Additionally, the drying cabinets use a much smaller volume of air to dry textiles and accessories, which means they use less energy to circulate air through the clothes. The ProLine drying cabinets are designed to be very efficient at retaining heat, which means that the heat they do generate is used more effectively to dry.

These factors combined make the ProLine drying cabinets a more energy-efficient option for drying protective equipment with lower energy costs.

We are proud to share that our manufacturing plants are quality ISO 9001 and environmentally ISO 14001 certified.

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Climate-Smart Solutions with ECO Innovation

By choosing PODAB's climate-smart solutions, our customers can help reduce their environmental footprint while also enjoying efficient and reliable laundry equipment.

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Humidity Tracking System

HTS is a high-tech software developed by PODAB. It measures the humidity level to determine when the textiles are dry and stops the drying process right at that moment. 

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Swedish Quality

We are proud to say that our drying cabinets are developed and manufactured in Sweden, the country where PODAB was founded in 1945. We currently manufacture our drying cabinets in modern facilities in  Agrippa in southern Sweden.

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Swiss Innovation

Our products are primarily manufactured in Switzerland, where Swiss-made quality is responsible for the durability and robustness of our equipment. 


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