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TS 93 E
TS 93 is a larger version of our outstanding drying cabinet TS 63.

TS 93, has the capacity to dry a great amount of laundry in a very short time. With 105 Ft. (32 m) hanging length* and stable construction, the drying cabinet is ideal for drying rugs, mats and larger textiles such as sheets, curtains, etc.
*(Swinging Hanging rail option)

The drying cabinet is energy efficient. The energy consumption is only 0,65kWh/kg and the drying time is 65 minutes.

TS 93 is equipped with the Humidity Tracking System (HTS). HTS measures the level of humidity every single second, to determine exactly when the textiles are dry. This combined with the under-pressure system (prevents hot air from leaking out) provides the user with an environmentally friendly and energy saving drying cabinet.

TS 93 has nine manual and/or automatic programs. The cabinet works with triple fans and air-channels which create a perfect balance between evacuated and re-circulated air. Reinforced with an overheating protection for increased security in the laundry room. The removable top panel makes the cabinet easy to install and maintain.

Drying mats and rugs can be a problem, but the large size of the TS93 makes it a breeze. 

-  Interior; choose between Swinging Hanging Rails and Single Bar
-  Hook Rack at the inside of the door.

SWINGING HANGING RAILS OPTION: The rails can easy swing out of the cabinet for easy access to the front as well as the back side. The 105 ft (32m) rail system provides a lot of space for carpets, clothes and gear to hang dry. And the Swinging Hanging Rails have an innovative and solid design with a small wheel have added in the end for support.  

SINGLE BAR: A single 6 ft. (1.8m) bar inside the top of the cabinets. This option is a great solution for clothes on hangers and gear that requires more space. 

HOOK RACK: A Hook Rack can be added to the inside of the door to hang gloves, masks and lighter gear.


- Adjustable programs
- Drying capacity equal to 35lbs (16 kg)
- Gentle drying without mechanical action
- Up to nine automatic and/or manual programs
- Indoor lighting 
- Program ends with “cool down” to room temperature
- Standard recirculation system, hot air
- Delivered as flat-pack to save shipping costs

Technical Specifications
TS 93 E
Article number 131034
Capacity, lbs (kg)  (dry weight) 35 (16)
Hanging Length Single Bar ft. (m) 6 (1.8)
Hanging Length Swinging Hanging Rails ft. (m) 105 (32)
Drying Time min* 65
Energy consumption  (kw/kg) (0.65) 
Total Effect, kW 9.3
Electrical Volt / Frequency / Phase** 208-230 / 60Hz / 3
Circuit Breaker, A 35
Height Outside, inch (mm)
77 (1955)
Width, inch (mm)
71 (1800)
Depth, inch (mm)
31.5 (800)
Weight, lbs (kg)
518 (235)
Evacuated airflow, CFM
324 (550)
Airborne sound level, dB
Color Grey
*=when drying of 26lbs (9kg)cotton (dry weight), washed and high-spinned to 53% residual moisture. 
The cabinet works another 15 minutes with cool-down after the textiles are dry.
**=Other electrical setup upon request.

¤  Airports
¤  Industrial
¤  Oil platforms
¤  Mining
¤  Diving
¤  Military / Governmental
¤  Law-enforcement
¤  EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
¤  Hotel
¤  On premises laundry
¤  Ski resort
¤  Auditorium / Theater
¤  Dry-cleaning
¤  Wet-cleaning
¤  Coin laundry
¤  Multiple housing
¤  Hospitals 
¤  Nursing-homes
¤  Rug and Mat cleaning
¤  All facilities that needs to dry sensitive fabrics and material that is not suitable for tumbler dryers
¤  Angora
¤  Blends
¤  Cotton
¤  Cashmere
¤  Leather
¤  Linen
¤  Rayon
¤  Satin
¤  Silk
¤  Suede
¤  Wool

¤  Rug & Mat
¤  Blankets
¤  Comforters
¤  Dive gear
¤  Jackets
¤  Shoes/Boots
¤  Protective gear
¤  Sports gear


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