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TS 63 E
TS 63 is a drying cabinet with very low energy consumption* (0.6 kWh/kg) and a short drying time - only 40 minutes*.

The cabinet works with a Humidity Tracking System (HTS) and has double fans and air-channels which create a perfect balance between evacuated and re-circulated air. The under-pressure prevents the hot air to leak out into the laundry room. 

*=Based on drying of 14 lbs (6 kg) cotton (dry weight), washed and high-spin reduced to 53% residual moisture. The cabinet works another 15 minutes with cool-down after the textiles are dry.

-  Interior; choose between Swinging Hanging Rails and Single Bar 
-  Hook Rack on the inside of the door.

SWINGING HANGING RAILS OPTION: The rails can easy swing out of the cabinet for easy access to the front as well as the back side. The 53 ft (16m) rail system provides a lot of space for carpets, clothes and gear to hang dry. And, the Swinging Hanging Rails have an innovative and solid design.

SINGLE BAR: A single 4 ft. (1.2m) bar inside the top of the cabinets. This option is a great solution for clothes on hangers and gear that requires more space.

HOOK RACK: A Hook Rack can be added to the inside of the door to hang gloves, masks and lighter gear.

-Gentle drying with out mechanical action.
-Up to 9 automatic or manual programs.
-Programs end with cool down to room temperature.
-Capacity, up to 18lbs (8 kg)
-The doors open 190 degrees.
-Lighting inside cabinet
-The unique hanging frame (turnable) can be rotated 180 degrees. 

Technical Specification
TS 63 E
Article number 131032
Capacity, lbs (kg)  (dry weight) 18 (8)
Hanging Length Single Bar ft. (m) 4 (1.2)
Hanging Length Multiple Bars ft. (m) 56 (17)
Drying Time min* 40*
Energy consumption  kw/lbs (kw/kg)  (0.6)
Total Effect, kW 6.3
Electrical Volt / Frequency / Phase** 208-230 / 60Hz / 3
Circuit Breaker, A 30
Height, inch (mm)
73.6 (1870)
Width, inch (mm)
47.2 (1200)
Depth, inch (mm)
25.2 (640)
Weight, lbs (kg)
319 (145)
Evacuated airflow, CFM
100 (170)
Airborne sound level, dB
Color Grey
*=when drying of 14lbs (6kg)cotton (dry weight), washed and high-spinned to 53% residual moisture. 
The cabinet works another 15 minutes with cool-down after the textiles are dry.
**=Other electrical setups are available upon request

¤  Industrial
¤  Construction sites
¤  Diving
¤  On premises laundry
¤  Daycare
¤  School
¤  Ski resort
¤  Auditorium/Theater
¤  Dry-cleaning
¤  Wet-cleaning
¤  Coin laundry
¤  Multiple housing
¤  Outdoor gear
¤  Sports & Leisure gear

¤  All facilities that needs to dry sensitive fabrics and material that is not suitable for tumbler dryers
¤  Angora
¤  Blends
¤  Cotton
¤  Cashmere
¤  Leather
¤  Linen
¤  Rayon
¤  Satin
¤  Silk
¤  Suede
¤  Wool

¤  Blankets
¤  Comforters
¤  Dive gear
¤  Jackets
¤  Shoes/Boots
¤  Protective gear
¤  Sports gear

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