The lint you clean out from your dryer comes from your clothes.
Many of the clothes in stores today have a   ‘do NOT tumble-dry’ sign on the tag.
Tumble-drying is an efficient drying process and it might save you a few minutes. It is however, NOT energy-efficient and it wear out your clothes.
The drying cabinet is a great compliment to a traditional dryer. Your jeans and towels will dry fast and come out soft from a tumble dryer. On the other hand, your shirts, skirts and slacks will not come out nice and straight like they would from a drying cabinet.
The drying cabinet has no mechanical action and virtually no wear and tear on clothes!

PODAB has over 70 years of experience in the industry. This makes us one of the world’s most experienced drying cabinet manufactures. Our design is always solid, ergonomic, user-friendly and at the leading edge of technology. Enjoy our selection of products. We are looking forward to serving you and your business.

FC 20 -FiredryerFC 20 'Firedryer' is specially developed for drying heavy-duty overalls. With an efficient and gentle drying procedure, the dryer has a capacity for 6 larger overalls, making it a necessity for fire departments and other similar industries.
TS 93TS 93 has the capacity to dry a great amount of laundry in a very short time. With 105 Ft. (32 m) hanging length and stable construction, the drying cabinet is ideal for drying rugs or larger textiles such as sheets, curtains etc.
TS 63TS 63 is a very energy efficient drying cabinet, the energy consumption* is only 0.6 KWH with a short drying time- only 40 minutes*. The cabinet works with our Humidity Tracking System, HTS. HTS measures the level of humidity every single second, to determine exactly when the textiles are dry.
TS 4TS 4 is an excellent drying cabinet for smaller spaces such as daycare centers. The cabinet is only 23.4 inches (60 cm) wide and has large capacity. You can dry up to 8.8 lbs (4 kg) laundry. The drying cabinet is equipped with elongated hanging bars. Flexible construction allows for easy access to garments.
TT 3000 & TT 4PODAB TT 3000 and TT 4 dehumidifiers for drying-rooms are great options for gentle drying process. The low drying temperature, approx. 90°F, is gentle and energy-efficient, reducing the energy consumption with 50 % compared to a heating fan. The dehumidifier condense moisture, and channels it to a floor well. 

T 201 EThe T 201 E is a robust air vented tumble dryer with a high capacity and low energy consumption. The large tumble dryer has a 201 liter drum volume and is crafted to be durable and reliable.

C46ESThe hydro extractor is a tough, silent machine, built in stainless steel. For e.g. laundries, nursing homes and multi-housing launderettes. The high spin of 1400 rpm gives a residual moisture of only 45 % which gives lower energy consumption in the drying process.


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