TP4 Laundry Cart
License Status: Free (Not Licensed)
Ergonomic, Swedish design in a very useful laundry cart. It has four wheels, which make the cart move smoothly on the floor, even with a lot of laundry in it. 

The large rubber wheels with protection caps/bumpers make it almost impossible to scratch the washing machines. 
This unique laundry cart makes it easy to take the laundry from the washing machine to the tumble dryer. 
It comes delivered in a flat package, and it is easily assembled in less than a minute, with no extra tools.

 The TP4 is ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK COLOR Basket after September 2010.

TP 4 - Laundry Cart
Article number 161021
Width, inch (mm) 24 (609.6)
Depth inch (mm)
20.3 (515.6)
Height (front), inch (mm) 20.95' (532)
Height (back), inch (mm)
34.3' (871)
Volume/Capacity Cubic Foot, (Liter) ((Bushel))
2.224 (63) ((2))

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