The Pump-o-tronic® V2 adjusts the amount of detergent supplied to suit the type of laundry, water consumption and amount of laundry. It works with products supplied by leading chemical and machinery manufacturers and controls up to 6 pumps.

The Pump-o-tronic® V2 system has the following options for controlling dishwashing and laundry equipment: 

-Automatic dosage, determined by type of laundry, water consumption and water level
-Inlet rinse valve which mixes dosage liquid together with incoming water
-Directs up to six separate pumps
-Simple installation, only one incoming water connection for up to 6 pumps
-Quick setting of the programming time
-Direct control of the inlet valves
-Blocking time for repetitious signals

2 pumps 4 pumps 6 pumps
Article number 101082 101084 101086
Capacity / Pump, ml/s 5 5 5
Total effect / Pump, W 10 10 10
Circuit Breaker, A 0,4 0,4 0,4
Electrical connection 208-230V/ 60Hz/ 1 208-230V/ 60Hz/ 1 208-230V/ 60Hz/ 1
Inlet water connection 3/4" 3/4" 3/4"
Hose Santropene Santropene Santropene

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