About us

PODAB was founded in 1945 in Göteborg, Sweden, as a manufacturer of household

appliances.  After a few years PODAB started to manufacture washers and dryers for 
                                     the growing  commercial laundry industry.

                                                              Podab Inc. 1955

the majority of PODABs’ products and accessories are for the commercial
  laundry market.  
The head office is located in Sweden and we are one of the 5 largest
distributors for commercial 
laundry in Europe.  In 2008, PODAB USA was established in
                                         Sarasota, Florida  and continues to 

                                                            Podab Inc. 2014

Our goal
is to be one of the market leaders, with our niche products, in the commercial
                          laundry industry.  
We plan to do this consistently providing:

                                -high quality products with cutting edge technology
                                          -ergonomic, user friendly, modern design
              -and environmentally friendly products with lower electrical consumption

Two main concerns for PODAB is customer satisfaction and the environment  as we 
 provide products that will be good for both, there will be a bright future for us all.  We
               are looking forward to supporting you and increasing your business.

  For more information, see our European site at www.PODAB.com.


PODAB Inc. 1330 Main Street, Floor 2, Sarasota, FL, 34236, Phone: +1 (941) 726-0808, E-mail: info@podab.us

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